Looksmaxxing is a set of self-improvement techniques and efforts aimed at enhancing one's physical appearance, often through grooming, fitness, skincare, fashion, and cosmetic procedures. The goal is to maximize one's attractiveness and boost self-confidence.

Once you have taken the black pill, you are a follower. Followers of the "black pill" may adopt extreme measures to improve their appearance, as they perceive it as the only means of achieving romantic success.

Will you join us? Remember, it is never over..


Mog (or mogged) - internet slang term derived from "dominated." It's used to describe a situation where one person or thing is socially, physically, or aesthetically outperformed by another, typically in the context of physical appearance or status. For example, if someone is "mogged" by a more attractive individual, it means they are overshadowed or inferior in comparison. This term is often used in online forums and communities to show who’s better looking.

Mogger - Someone who mogs others easily.

Dark Triad - refers to a set of personality traits that some individuals believe can enhance one's attractiveness. It includes Machiavellianism (manipulation and cunning), narcissism (excessive self-love), and psychopathy (lack of empathy).

Light triad - typically refers to a set of three positive facial attributes that are believed to enhance one's physical appearance. These attributes are usually described as good eye area, strong jawline, and clear skin. They are usually blue eyed, whiter, and have blonde hair.

PSL Scale - refers to the Pillars of Sexual Attraction Scale. It's a subjective rating system used by some individuals to evaluate and improve their physical attractiveness based on various traits, including facial aesthetics, body proportions, and style. The scale can range from 1 to 10, with higher scores indicating higher perceived attractiveness.

It is so over - refers to someone who cannot be saved, or someone that is very un-attractive.

Bone Smashing - using certain objects, such as a hammer, to hit yourself with (mainly on the jawline) in order to look more masculine by having a chiseled jawline.

Eye pulling - cosmetic techniques or procedures aimed at enhancing the appearance of one's eyes. This may include eyelid surgery, makeup techniques, or even non-surgical methods to make the eyes appear more attractive or youthful.


Ropemaxx - someone who should, basically, end themselves as it is over for them.

Mewing - technique that involves maintaining proper tongue posture, specifically pressing the tongue against the roof of the mouth, to potentially enhance facial aesthetics and correct orthodontic issues over time. It's believed to promote better jawline and facial structure.

“Just be confident bro” - A term often used to give unattractive people more hope.

Squintmaxxing - Squinting your eyes daily in order to achieve the full look of hunter eyes.

In order to achieve PSL 9+: Must have chiseled jawline


Non-receding Hairline.

Hunter Eyes

Facial Harmony